Funsized Recipe Library

36+ Healthy Recipes in Perfect Petite Portions

So you’re a shorty who LOVES food?

Maybe you’re just starting your health kick and don’t know what or how much a petite should eat...

Maybe you’ve been at this ‘dieting’ game for a while but you always seem to fall off track because you’re sick of eating bland, boring chicken & rice...

Or maybe you just wanna spice up ya life with foods that will help you SLAY all day, every day...

Regardless, every girl under 5’3” deserves healthy yet flavorful foods in perfect petite portions that keep her feeling happy and looking hella fit.

I got chu, girl.

Inside the Funsized Recipe Library, you’ll find…

  • More than 36 recipes for petites
  • To-the-point video & text instructions for each recipe (no more time wasted scrolling forever like you do on Pinterest!)
  • Comprehensive Calorie & Macro breakdown of each recipe so you can easily track that sh*t

Your Instructor

Kierstin Cifelli
Kierstin Cifelli

Hey, I’m Kier :)
The purple-loving nutrition & fitness coach for petites

Standing only 5 feet tall, I FEEL your short girl pains & struggles.

After years of struggling to maintain a healthy body weight for my small frame, I realized most programs and approaches are not doing me any favors because they are designed for people of average height.

In my effort to sculpt my body, I’ve formulated a unique evidence-based approach for petite women to heighten their body confidence by safely & sustainably attaining high-powered metabolisms!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is actually a library! There is no start/finish date
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Be sure to bookmark this page and save your password!
What if I'm over 5'3"? Can I still use these recipes?
Yes absolutely! You may consider increasing the serving size of some items but you absolutely can enjoy these foods too!
How many recipes are there?
Dozens! And the best part is... I will be adding a new recipe to this library often! No need to re-subscribe. You will automatically receive any new recipes as soon as I upload them. Consider it like the Disney+ vault... except for recipes =)
Do I need anything special? Like special cookware or products?
Most of the recipes can be performed in a standard kitchen appliances and accessories with items you'll naturally find at any grocery store. IF there is a specific product required, I've included a link and/or where to purchase the item =)

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