Wouldn't it feel nice
to know --for certain--
that all the time and
energy you put into
living a healthier

well with and feels
good to YOU?

Get started now!

What's SO *Different* about Fitness & Nutrition for Petite Women, you ask?

Well, you’re about to find out it goes way beyond the measuring tape, baby cakes.

Because here’s the thing… the more you understand WHY your miniature bod requires a slightly different approach, the easier it will feel to maintain a little but fierce physique.


Without the lowdown

… you’re screwed.


We’re about to re-wire everything
you think you know about
fitness & nutrition...

(and answer this honestly—no judgement here)

Is where you're currently at with your body... a place you would be absolutely ecstatic to stay in?


Lemme get a head nod if this sounds about right:

Things could be BETTER.

Because right now, keeping that waistline trim is a struggle (to say the least). And you don’t understand why the scale isn’t budging despite the fact that you already eat so little.

You open up Instagram every single day to see taller women absolutely killing it.

They’re consistently filling your feed with pics of their lavish higher calorie meals, and you’re just over here like….


If most days seem to end with uncomfortable bloat, constant fatigue, & insatiable hunger...

If your mornings typically begin by stepping on the scale devoid of any significant progress...

If month after month comes to a close without hitting your body composition goals, and you’re constantly telling yourself next month is it...

Next month is going to be my month. The month when I really crack the whip for good!

But you’re stuck in the same vicious cycle of trial and error

And if you’re getting so freaking sick of waiting, of feeling unstable, and of living in this constant limbo of “will this new diet actually work?”...

Then I’m here to break the news to you:


It's time to ditch the GUESSING GAMES & the CRASH DIETS because

Understanding Your Petite Body Just Got Easier.👏🏿 Than.👏🏻 Ever.👏🏽



The Funsized™ Formula

A Mini-but-Mighty online course for women under 5'3" to gain mad clarity about food & fitness for their petite physiology!

Basically, this is your petite body's instruction manual so that you can be the one in charge of your own well-being!

Your Instructor

Kierstin Cifelli
Kierstin Cifelli

Hey, I’m Kier - the petite nutrition & fitness specialist!

What started as a personal fitness journey turned into unrelenting determination to provide a realistic solution and a balanced approach for petite women to maintain a healthy lifestyle that actually aligned with their unique bodies.

Now, I’m on a mission to provide my fellow funsized friends with the resources and tools that empower them to reach their highest selves!


What You Get When You Enroll...

Instant & unlimited access to the full course across any and all devices so you can absorb the information anywhere and anytime you'd like.

4 *Mini-but-Mighty* Modules that cover everything you need to know about using food & fitness to your petite body's advantage. (Check out a breakdown of what you’ll be discovering below!)

With 8 videos, 11 audio recordings, 2 downloadable PDFs, and 4 mini quizzes you'll enjoy an interactive learning experience that will leave you feeling confident as helllllll.

⭐ 3 Bite-Sized Bonuses - From the Funsized Recipe Library for making yummy meals in perfect petite portions, to The Petite Posing Guide so that you can master the art of showing off your the best of your petite frame, and a risk-free month trial of the workout program deeply loved and adored by petites all around the world—The Funsized Fitness App.

Got questions as you go? No worries, you get access to the instructor inside the course if you have any questions about a specific topic.

That’s a $4,396 value right there!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
The course begins the moment you enroll! "The Funsized Formula" is a self-paced online course designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life. You have the freedom to decide when you want to start and when you want to finish. It's all about embracing your unique pace and preferences. Some unstoppable ladies dive in and complete the entire course in a single night, while others dedicate a weekend to devouring the content. And hey, if you prefer to savor the information gradually, that's totally cool too! If you opt for a steady progress approach, I recommend completing one module per week. This way, you'll have that wonderful feeling of "graduating" from the course in just one month! So, the power is in your hands. Start whenever you're ready, go at your own pace, and relish the flexibility!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it exists - across any and all devices you own. Since my work is research & evidence-based, you'll also get all updates I make to this course in the future (without an up charge).
Is this a weight loss program?
I totally understand many of you are eager to shed those extra pounds. But guess what? This course is so much more than just weight loss! It's all about embracing a healthy lifestyle that's tailor-made for YOU and makes you feel amazing. Whether you're aiming to lose weight, build muscle, maintain your current shape, or simply boost your confidence in your healthy choices, get ready for a mind-blowing journey that connects you to your petite needs like never before. If you're ultimate goal is weight loss, the major break-through you’re about to experience will not only help you to shed some of the fluff so you can feel good in that crop top for once, but will help you to embrace every inch of your uniqueness and be even more proud to be petite
Does this program include meal plans & workouts?
The Funsized Formula is not an exercise or diet program but rather an educational program. You won’t get exact meal plans or workouts but you’ll learn the foundational concepts which will enhance your understanding and connection with your petite body. We are literally going to re-wire to re-build your relationship with food & fitness because the more you understand WHY your miniature bod requires a slightly different approach, the easier it will feel to maintain a little but fierce physique and a sustainable healthy lifestyle. With that being said, you do have the option to receive workout programs! One of the bonuses you'll receive after you enroll is a risk-free full month trial of The Funsized Fitness App consisting of petite-friendly workouts ($24.97 value)
What if I rather just have you coach me?
Absolutely! I totally understand the appeal of having a personal coach by your side. Here's the deal: going through "The Funsized Formula" course before jumping into 1:1 coaching will set you up for incredible success. By completing the course, you'll gain invaluable knowledge and insights into your unique petite needs, paving the way for a solid foundation. This way, when we join forces for 1:1 coaching, we can hit the ground running and dive straight into tailoring the strategies and techniques specifically to your goals and aspirations. Think of the course as a power-packed primer that equips you with the essential know-how. It allows us to maximize our time together, focusing on fine-tuning and personalizing your journey to achieve even greater results. So, if you're ready to supercharge your progress, I highly recommend starting with "The Funsized Formula" course. Let's build that strong foundation together, and when the time comes for personalized coaching, we'll make magic happen!
I'm not petite but I'm a coach who works with petite women, will this course help me?
ABSOLUTELY! I love that you want to be a better coach for your petite clients! This course will definitely help since you won't find this in-depth information in standard textbooks and other learning materials. (P.S. You can even use this professional development as a write off!)
I already have a coach, personal trainer, dietician, etc. Can I take this course or should I wait?
Of course! In my humble opinion, you can never have too much information, knowledge, and support when it comes to your health and well-being. By taking the initiative to learn more about nutrition and fitness through "The Funsized Formula," you're not "cheating" on your current support system. On the contrary, you're demonstrating a proactive approach to your own growth and development. I believe your coach, trainer, or dietician will be proud to see your commitment to expanding your knowledge and taking control of your health journey. You can never have too many opportunities to learn, grow, and gain additional support. You're on an incredible path to becoming the best version of yourself, and this course can be a valuable asset alongside your existing guidance.
Up until now, there was no instruction manual for petites.

We've tried to hang with the taller gals only to end up feeling fatigued and defeated.

So let me ask you again...

Wouldn't it feel nice to know--for certain--that all the time and energy you put into living a healthier lifestyle ACTUALLY aligns well with and feels good to YOU?

If the answer is a resounding "HECK YES!" Let's make it happen!

Get started now!

"I honestly had no idea my petite needs were so different from my friends!"

- Nadia, 4'9"

"My biggest takeaway has been that my body IS capable. I just didn't know how to use her and feed her properly."

- Rebecca, 5'1"

"This course has changed my life. I'm more balanced in my relationship with myself, and with food. I was keto for 8 years before this program, and was afraid to eat a carb, and now I'm eating 140 grams a day and losing fat! I'm happier and healthier than I have been in a very long time and so excited for where I can take myself with everything you've taught me."

- Kenbra, 5'0"