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Staying hydrated plays a huge role in your body's performance – think of it as your metabolism's biggest hyper girl. So let's chat a bit about how water is responsible for keeping various body systems running smoothly. I’m sure you already know this but a little reminder can’t hurt, right?🚰


  1. Nutrient Delivery: Water acts like a personal delivery service, transporting essential nutrients and oxygen to every nook and cranny of your body. This is crucial for muscle building and overall well-being.
  2. Waste Elimination: It plays a vital role in supporting your kidneys, helping filter waste and toxins from your bloodstream. No wonder it's recommended when you're feeling a bit bloated.
  3. Bloat Prevention: Proper hydration helps regulate fluid balance, preventing bloating by ensuring smooth flow and preventing backups.💩
  4. Joint Lubrication: Water cushions and protects joints during movement, reducing the risk of injuries and supporting overall joint health.
  5. Temperature Regulation: Essential for cooling down the body during physical activity or in hot environments. Replenishing lost fluids is crucial to prevent reduced endurance and impaired function.🌡️
  6. Exercise Performance: During exercise, especially intense or prolonged activities, hydration can make a world of difference in how well your body performs and recovers.
  7. Maintain healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails: From maintaining glowing skin, to strong hair and nails, water is a multi-tasking elixir. 💅

It's kinda a no-brainer, but just to put it out there – all these things^^? They've got your metabolism's back. 😄

^^ Sydney Sweeney (5'3") knows what's up!


The required amount will be unique to each person and will vary throughout their lifetime depending on their health, the season, climate, etc.

A great starting point? Aim for at least half your body weight in ounces.

  • Example: A petite female weighing 140 pounds should aim for a minimum of 70 fl oz of water per day.

THEN, take into account factors like how active you are, the kind of climate you're in, and even the season. There are no exact numbers to add. You’ll just have to experiment, and see how your body feels. It’s a process of trial and error. 

  • Example: I’m a 130-pound active gal, living in Las Vegas, Nevada (hello, desert life where humidity is non-existent, especially in summer). On a toasty summer day, I'm guzzling down 100 fluid ounces, sometimes more! Yet, come winter, I'm cruising along just fine on 80 fluid ounces.

However (another caveat… aren’t you excited😆), There is nuance to improving hydration. It’s not always just increasing our water intake — because it will likely result in you peeing more out and not actually absorbing it.

To really absorb the water you’re drinking, you've got to have some minerals or "electrolytes." But this ones even more of a complicated no-one-size-fits-all kinda deal; it's a bit of an experimentation journey where you play the scientist. Honestly, I'd recommend diving into this territory only after you've mastered the basics (you know, the good stuff like wholesome food, enough calories, and balanced macros – they naturally amp up your mineral intake), but hey, I can't NOT talk about hydration while talking about water here.🤷🏻‍♀️

My go-to for increasing minerals? Tossing a smidge of sea salt (hello, sodium!) into my water. And when I'm hitting it hard in the gym, adding some coconut water (shoutout to potassium) to my BCAA/creatine drink. 

Feeling intrigued? Wanna dive deeper into the world of minerals? Pop in your earbuds and check out this cool 2-part podcast series. 🎧✨


  • Find Your Water Sidekick: Invest in a water bottle that resonates with you. Choose one that's not only convenient to carry but also has a design you adore. Extra points if it comes with measurement markers.😋
  • Size Matters: Opt for a larger water bottle (40-64 fl oz) to minimize refills. This 56oz is my fav. It's a game-changer to fill up 2-3x instead of remembering how many glasses of water you drank.🥤 Who has time for that, right?
  • Flavor Infusion Magic: If plain water isn't your jam, jazz it up! Infuse slices of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, or orange. Fresh mint leaves or cucumber slices also make excellent companions. Needing a whole lot of electrolytes? Try supplementing as needed with LMNT electrolyte packs.
  • Keep It in Sight: Out of sight, out of mind, right? Keep your water bottle or a glass of water visible throughout the day. Whether on your desk, kitchen counter, or in hand, having it within eyesight increases the chances of regular sipping.
  • Set Water Alarms: Technology to the rescue! Use apps or set periodic alarms that send timely reminders to drink water. No more excuses for forgetting to sip.
  • Mix It Up: Variety is the spice of life, even in hydration. Sparkling water, tea, and coffee contribute to your water intake. As always, moderation is key, so enjoy these alternatives to keep things interesting.

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